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    Cameron guided me through the 5 month continuing healing process. He explained in detail with visuals how everything is interrelated from the feet, pelvis, spine to the ribs, neck and shoulder. He had a plan to address not only my perceived issue, but the underlying mechanics that were causative. The breathing exercises were the greatest departure from what I expected, but also the most miraculous too. He incorporated many weighted exercises in precise variations with great results. I have had other PT work done in the past which were often painful and occasionally counterproductive. I worked very hard and I am functioning better now than I have been in years. Cameron is just an exceptional clinician and I can’t say enough about the experience with him.

    - Mark L.

    Cameron Puls is hands down the best physical therapist I've ever had the pleasure of working with and learning from! I've know Cameron for years now and have never met anyone with better analytical skills. He sees the cause of the problem and comes up with the best possible solution. Numerous times he has helped me with my learning as a personal trainer, and with countless injuries I've had. His greatest strength is that he never stops learning. recently I ruptures my Achilles tendon one week before proposing to my fiancé. Cameron was the first person I called after speaking with her. He came down from Maine right after my surgery and helped me with one of the fastest and more importantly safest recoveries. I'm currently 16 weeks out post surgery and now running. If it wasn't for Cameron's guidance and specificity programming I would not be where I am today. I can't thank him enough for being the best physical therapist and an even better friend! If you're looking for help in achieving a pain free life for yourself, there's no one better than Cameron Puls and Performance Therapy Institute.

    - Christopher G.

    I am writing this because I learned Cam was starting his own business and as a previous client I wanted to offer my support. First I want to mention that I have MS and when I developed pain in my neck, head, and shoulders I saw my neurologist to determine the pains origin. He was certain that it was not neurological and he agreed that seeing a PT was the next line of treatment. I was referred to Cam's previous employer and assigned to Cam. Right from the beginning I felt like he was really listening to what I was telling him about my body. I also have a neurological issue (non-MS) that when I told Cam about, not only did he listen, he was able to see how it would impact my treatment. He was the first person in the medical field who used this information to provide better care. When treatment began I have to admit I was very skeptical of how breathing exercises and slight adjustments to body positioning would help my neck. Throughout treatment Cam explained what he was doing and why. He helped me understand my body better than before. He showed me through measurements how this was working. He made me a believer. I now can reduce my muscle pain through some simple exercises. I call this a success. When it was tie for treatment to end he made sure I had the information I needed to continue to have pain reduction. He expressed his availability if I had issues or concerns in the future. I recommend Cam with all this treatment options for all your physical therapy issues.

    - Debbi B.


    I’m Cameron Puls, Physical Therapist turned Trainer/ Therapist hybrid. I started Performance Therapy Institute to be able to offer my full skill set to my clients whether that be completing rehab after failing to achieve desired outcomes in the past, or transitioning back to running/ hiking/ lifting without the fear re-injury. When you feel strong and at your best, then that confidence spills out into everything else you love.

    I have had the pleasure of having many mentors in the field of Physical Therapy and Strength Training, and have worked in various settings from hospitals to college teams. It does not matter if you’re just trying to start moving confidently without pain, or if you’re trying to push your personal record for running or lifting without the reoccurring pain and plateaus, I’ve got you.

    I am very passionate about the science of rehab and training, I have my Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy, completed a 1 year residency in Orthopedics, a 2 year fellowship in Orthopedic manual therapy, and have been studying under multiple mentors to bridge the concepts between health and performance.

    I still enjoy playing basketball and not having to deal with the aches and pains I always had in college.

    Are you next up for working with me?

    Dr. Cameron Puls, DPT, CSCS, ocs, omt

    Independent Business Owner at Performance Therapy Institute, LLC

    82 Columbia St. Suite 302 Bangor, ME 04401